Take the Survey about the Port Jeff LIRR Electrification

Posted on August 15, 2023

The Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council have jointly rolled out an online survey for residents to voice their opinions on the future of electrification along the Port Jefferson LIRR line between Port Jefferson Station and Huntington Station. This feedback will be invaluable for the impending economic feasibility study.

What is railroad electrification? It is the process of powering trains using electricity from a third rail, instead of relying on diesel engines. It allows trains to run cleaner, faster, and more efficiently, making them a more eco-friendly and effective mode of transportation.

Though the feasibility study’s insights are eagerly awaited, the potential of laying an additional track for simultaneous East and West-bound trains is something every resident should weight in on to decide on its future.

Take the Survey Here:

I encourage every resident to not only participate in the surveys but engage in discussions, attend community meetings, and voice their concerns or support. This isn’t merely an infrastructure project; it’s a testament to community-led progress.

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