Support Law Enforcement

Posted on January 2, 2022

Law Enforcement

Public safety is public service and our law enforcement officials play a crucial role in the protection of our communities. I support ethical policing, accountability and partnership between law enforcement and the community.  However, I adamantly disagree with the so called criminal justice reforms that career criminals are using as a get-out-of-jail free card – putting others at risk.

I want New York and Suffolk County to value, respect, and appreciate the men and women of law enforcement who protect and serve us all.

As your Legislator, I will never turn my back on the great men and women in blue.  I will help to better equip law enforcement to do their job, and fund our police to make our communities more safe. I will stand up for law abiding citizens, not criminals.  I will be a strong advocate for police, their families, and the Suffolk communities they serve.

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